Aeropup Light Aircraft

About the Aeropup and Supapup


 If you are looking for real quality flying with only ultralight costs, then the Australian designed and produced two seat  Aeropup is the plane for you.  Kits can be  assembled in only months not years and can be registered in several categories as recreational aircraft, under the 51% rule, using our components.

All engineering is done to very high standards with aircraft grade materials being used.  The fuselage is fully TIG welded chrom-moly steel tube which comes powder coated or Primed.   The covering is a combination of alloy sheet and "Stitts" fabric.  All fibreglass work is done, i.e. cowlings, headrack, wing tips and seat.  No need for any special skills or special tools. 

Did you know…the width of the Aeropup cabin is 2" wider than a Cessna 172  !         LSA  version is now available.

Benefit from the Supapup's heritage.  Since the early eighties it has been developed through Mk.1, Mk.2, Mk.3, Mk.4 and now the two seat  Aeropup which is the only model now produced. The  two seat Aeropup  has as standard a fast  fold wings system. Suitable engines are Jabiru, Rotax and VW     

This would have to be the most cost effective quality flying available!

Please check the specification page and if you are keen to start  quality flying without all the high costs  normally  associated with flying then this is the plane for you, If you have any questions please contact for any clarification.