Aeropup Latest News

We are excited to announce the relaunch of Aeropup Aircraft, the best LSA with the finest design at the highest standards of quality and a Price for everybody. The company has been renewed with the enthusiasm, capabilities and the youth of the new owners, with the invaluable support of John Cotton, the man who designed the aircraft and founded the company ( he has come down with Parkinson's disease )  and Rollo McKinley, current manufacturer. 

We are eager to rise the brand name with the intention of expand the company all around the world which will translate in a better support and approach to our clients, whom we consider family.

If you want to know more about us you may find below more information about the new ownership and associates that will provide support as needed to our clients:

Based in Seville, Spain

And our manufacturing licensees serving clients in:

  • Romania, Moldovia, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia & Bulgaria

Mihai Floriean / 0040723051596 /

  • France

Mikael  Walker / +33(0)7-83-37-63-30 /

  • U.S.A

Donald Fielden / +1 540-229-5528 / /

To celebrate the acquisition Aeropup is willing and proud to introduce this incredible new offer to our clients on the re-launch of our products.

AEROPUP Fast Built Kit at 17.000 USD.

AEROPUP Ready to fly with 95HP engine (D-Motors Lf26) and basic instrumentation, totally customizable at 44.000USD.

Aeropup has also started the development and production of new versions for our most known product, the Aeropup two seatter light sport aircraft. >A Nosewheel version, Floats Kits, farming tools and the introduction of composites to improve the capabilities of our aircraft.

We are also re-engineering our classic one seater Supapup. If you have any preference and you want to help us, we would love to hear your opinion, please send us a short message with your preference.

As part of the plan to expand our brand awareness, if you want to manufacture or distribute our Aeropup in your area do not hesitate and contact us!

We will keep pushing to set a new standard of quality at affordable prices with the Aeropup, the safest and cleverest aircraft with the lowest price tag in the LSA Market!

Aeropup is in production again in Australia, and establishing factories to produce in Europe and USA very soon. Order yours now!

Safe landings!  remember... taking off is optional but landings are Mandatory