Aeropup Light Aircraft

Why was the AEROPUP designed as it was ? ...the logic was laid down by management at the outset that the new version MUST be....

1... Safe   2... Stable   3... Strong     4... practical    5... Comfortable   6…Fast

To be safe we decided to look at the past Supapups Mk 1, 2 and 3 all of which have enviable safety records and are always highly spoken of by their owners.  The conclusion was reached that we stay with the "tractor" style (engine in the front where it should be), the engine itself is a form of protection in the event of a forced landing , at least you have something in front of you and not behind coming at you !!! The twin fuel tanks in the wings puts the fuel in the safest place instead of in the fuselage with the pilot, The "tail" wheel is on the tail where it is supposed to be, this is because you do not always have a choice of where you are going to HAVE to put down, a conversion will be available in the future for those wanting a nosewheel style,   but think about it ...why were all the early planes taildraggers ???  because there weren't a huge number of really good landing strips around and if you have an engine failure (which happens) and you are coming down into a paddock... I want to be in a taildragger with no chance of the nose wheel digging in and flipping it over (it happens)! And no “bubble” canopy to trap you inside waiting for a fire from fuel stored inside!  Some will argue that taildraggers "ground loop" not so if they are designed properly with the centre of gravity in line with the pilot.  That's one reason we did not go for "tandem" seating on the twin seater.

The high wing configuration, provides extraordinary stability due to the fuselage "hanging" off the wing platform, at the same time giving the best possible vision to see what you are flying over , who wants to be looking at an empty sky above all the time?

STRENGTH was built in via the CHROMOLY steel tube fuselage which effectively makes a crash cage around the occupants, this has the inherent ability to give a bit like crumple zones on cars. Pre cut ply ribs slide over the spars and are glued and riveted in place with no cables but strong tubular diagonal bracing which cannot stretch, a number of our builders have commented that "it's built like a brick dunny".  We agree and that's deliberate as we firmly believe that it's better to "be SAFE than sorry".

It's a very PRACTICAL plane because it has fast folding wings that can be folded to legal trailering width within a few minutes without tools and without disconnecting any fuel lines or controls.  This makes it ideal to store or hanger where space is at a premium.

COMFORT is important if you are on a long haul , the last thing you want is to be fatigued when you get there.  We designed the seat with a laid back rear which is very comfortable, and a control column reminiscent of the Pitts Special, we made the control surfaces very large so that control is direct, precise and predictable, we made the fuel tanks large enough to give around 4 +hours of flying time.                                                           All in all one great little plane with the ability to register VH or Ultralight and not take forever to build!

       John Cotton  your contact for AEROPUP Aircraft sales