Aeropup Light Aircraft FAQ

1. Where can I fly it?
Anywhere in Australia with some restrictions depending on what category it is built and what type of registration it has. The most likely restriction would be that you could not fly into major controlled airspace, ie most major cites. You can fly to a 10,000 ft ceiling. Overseas conditions will depend on your particular country.

2. How can I learn to fly?
Any local flying school that has a training aircraft of similar style and category, e.g. three axis control and an enclosed cockpit.  Training for an Ultralight License in Australia is 20 hours at A$130 p/hr.  This training also counts toward a full private pilots license.

3. If I order one, what is the delivery lead time?
At present it is about 3 months, however, this can change at any time and pre paid orders get priority.

4. What range ?
This depends on how it is set up, but the Single is 4.5 hrs in the air with 10% reserve on 54 litres,  the Twin would be more due to the 90 liter  tanks but these figures  will vary dependant on what engine is fitted.

5. What support do I get while building it?
As an Australian designed and manufactured plane, in Australia, you have the major benefit that help is only a local toll free phone call away direct to the manufacturers and in the same time zone. A very detailed assembly  manual comes with the kit and other builders love to help.

6. What speed am I allowed to fly at?
This aircraft is limited to a cruise of 100 knots airspeed and 130 knots VNE which gives it  a wide margin of safety.

7. What luggage can I carry?
Up to 20 kg behind the seat area. A cargo pod will be designed later to fit under the pilots seat area which  will be able to carry bulky items.  This will be an option.

8. What inspections are required as I build it?
Usually only requires one formal inspection and a weight and balance.

9. Can I sell my Supapup or Aeropup by advertising on the website ?

Yes and there is no charge, just send in all relevent information