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The Aeropup is very much an Australian owned Australian designed and Australian made product, we now have a twitter , Facebook and Instagram application if you wish to use that, it's under  AeropupAircraft

Reaction to the Australian produced pricing has been very favorable from feedback so far, the price is very competitive from comparisons made of similar imported Kit Planes landed here

Be that as it may… we have decided to introduce a "Silent"  Auction see further info page   

The speed at which we can produce Aeropup Kits will depend to a large degree

on the current level of interest and logged orders

We would be grateful if you could help by returning this simple survey...just hit reply, delete the No or yes and send back to

 1.   Are you interested in the Aeropup ?                       Yes     No

 2.  Payment would be $1,000 deposit with order, 50% of

       balance when work starts (wing kit can be sent before

     the fuselage is ready) and rest on pick up.

       Would this be acceptable?                                 Yes     No

 3.   Are you close to ordering a Kit plane ?                    Yes     No  

4.   Would the addition of nosewheel interest you ?           Yes     No     

 5.   Would you order if we did a nosewheel version ?          Yes     No       

      (nosewheel version would be an option @ $1,100+gst)

 6.   Would you like to be contacted ? phone ? email ?         Yes     No     

    If yes please advise Ph number, email, and Location


Aeropup Aircraft Kits are Australian Designed and manufactured, have a fast fold wing system that allows easy transport and storage where other planes can't fit, it flys as fast as a Cessna and is very easy to fly with no nastys. For current specifications see website and allow 2 months delivery time, LSA version is also available. Production is now in Qld.  sales contacts South Aust 0427347840

Best Regards and happy flying    Please use   to reply
John Cotton   Aeropup Aircraft