Aeropup Light Aircraft

 Fast and easy folding of the wings make it easy to store and transport.

 Folding wings make it easy to use a trailer as a hanger

Aeropup with 582 Rotax

Flys fine on a Rotax 582 two stroke 70 knots cruise  (minimum powerpant)

The Rotax 582 is only 65hp but works respectabley even with two on board. 

Aeropup with Jabiru 4 cyl 85 hp

Lew Matthews Cobden Vic                                                                                             Joystick set up for independant braking

   Easy to load and transport on a car trailer 

    Aeropup with 100hp Rotax on North Island NZ

   Aeropup rear view 

   A Rotax 912 100hp installation 

  An 85hp Jabiru 4 cyl installation 

   An instrument layout 

Aeropup rear view 

   The whole Aeropup kit fitted int this van 

  A customers modification  to his version of dual control 

   Customer picking up an Aeropup from Victor Harbor 

   One customers instrument layout 

   Single seater NZ 

   South Island NZ 

   Cobden Victoria Aust 

   Supapup on South Island NZ 

     Will fit under the wing of a Cessna !

             Hangerage problem solved 

        Customer from Scone picking up his second Aeropup