Aeropup Service Notices

Engines … The perfect engine for the aeropup is the 912 x 100 hp, it fits the WT & Bal perfectly and is the most reliable.

Next is the 4 cyl Jabiru 85 hp which give good performance and  a nice quiet engine, some weight may need to be fitted up front or the wings can be set back slightly to avoid this.

Another Choice is the VW (Great Plains or Aerovee) not as good a climb as Jabiru but better priced.

Please keep your details up to date with the Company, email latest Phone numbers, email address, location address etc etc

Make sure to do this when planes change hands so we can keep track of serial numbers, owners and locations.

When making various parts or components always physically check it against the mating part before cutting, etc as there are slight discrepancies  between kits, this is a phenomena of all aircraft even Cessnas have been known to be considerably out of spec.

Dear Customer
There has been one case of the lower strut brackets cracking due to flex from the weight of the UNSUPPORTED folded wings whilst travelling over large distances ie across Australia, I have always advised supporting the folded wings where long distances are involved ie more than to the local airport and back, also fuel should be fully drained. The attached picture shows the area concerned and the path of the crack which is easily visible.

ACTION before next flight.....

Carefully inspect the top and bottom plates that the wings pivot on (in the case involved the bottom plate was not cracked)

If any cracks are detected advise me immediately also advise if yours is radiused or not,

Precautionary Action... on the earlier non radiused versions it would be wise to weld in a gusset of .125" thick ChroMoly 4130N 1" wide across the return corner.
Make sure you have adequate support system in place for travelling ie foam blocks to fit between the lower wing surface and the top of the horizontal stabilizer,
make sure no chaffing can occur (a layer of dunlopillow rubberized foam is ideal)  

Later Aeropup's had the return corner radiused before this became evident and after I had transported deliberately unsupported wings over thousands of KM with no evidence of any issues.

this issue was caused when the wings were in the folded position and not while flying but if left undetected could be disastrous, this is an operator error not a structural defect.

Please send me a report on your plane's condition quoting  Name, Serial number, Location.

Any Questions please call and please check with any other owners that you may be in contact with that they have received this bulletin.

Happy and safe flying
 Aeropup Aircraft
Strut bottom port bracket transport crack June 2013.jpg Strut bottom port bracket transport crack June 2013.jpg