Aeropup Light Aircraft

                             General Specifications of the Aeropup
                                      At last, aircraft that look and feel like the real thing but have all the advantages of an ultralight.

                                     The Aeropup  is  designed to give you the quality, reliability and safety of full three axis control!

                                    No storage worries, the wings swing back!  EASILY & QUICKLY   No disconnecting of  fuel lines.

                                             NOTE: Specifications can change depending on category of build, use as a guide only.

  • Cabin width      Aeropup  (42").
  • Rudder pedals are adjustable.
  • Height seat to roof skylight  (37").
  • Plenty of  leg room for 6'4" Pilot.

 Length                                  6.03 met         19.9 feet                             # Fuel tank capacity (wing tanks)    90 liters                                            

Wing span                              8.20 met          27 feet                               # Endurance              4 to 6 hrs with 10% reserve

Wing Chord                           1.225 met           4 feet                               # Suitable engines...  Jabiru 4 cyl 85hp and 6cyl 120 hp

Wing Area                             10.06 Sq met                                                                                      Rotax 582    65 hp

Velocity never exceed VNE      130 Knots        200 kmph                                                           Rotax  912   100 hp

Maximum Airspeed                 100 knots        185 kmph                                                             VW   85 hp and Subaru  100 hp

Stall Airspeed 3 stage flaps      36 to 45 knts                                         # Rate of Climb          700 to 1800 feet per min

Fuel Usage                                 12 to 18 liters per Hr                             # (Dependant on engine and prop set up)

Dihedral                                      2 degrees                                                Empty wt  310 kgs     Max Take off Wt  544kgs  LSA can go to 600 kgs

Note that empty Wt  will vary with engine and equipment choice,      MTOW  will be 600kgs under LSA approval